Is ovulation normal bleeding in the same room, will pregnancy?

Is ovulation normal bleeding in the same room, will it be pregnant? Ovulation bleeding is a normal phenomenon, but this will affect the chance of pregnancy, the amount of bleeding during ovulation is not much, and the number of days is not much, then there is no need to worry, these are normal conditions, on the contrary, it is recommended to be as early as possible Go to the hospital for examination, because this is a big obstacle to pregnancy. What should I pay attention to during ovulation? In ovulation women, the body’s resistance will decline. At this time, women should take protective measures to prevent infection of the bacteria and cause the body to get sick. In addition, if there is no husband and wife couple, the contraceptive measures should be done during ovulation, because the chance of pregnancy during ovulation will be relatively high. Of course, if there is a pregnancy plan, then the couple choose to be in the same room during ovulation, which can increase the chance of conception. Precautions should be noted during the ovulation period: 1. Pay attention to personal hygiene: Have your own special towel, especially during the ovulation period, you should not use other people’s towels to prevent infection. Wash the private parts with running water while showering. 2, cleaning the lower part: after each excretion, it is best to develop the habit of washing with warm water, so as to prevent intestinal bacteria from turning into the vagina, causing inflammation. 3, drink enough water: drink enough water every day, this can reduce the bacteria in the urethra. 4, change the clean underwear: usually a lot of secretions, you can use a hair dryer to adjust the warm wind after the shower to dry the genitals, after the shower to dry in the genitals and then wear underwear. There are also many people who only wear skirts at home and do not wear underwear, or do not wear underwear when they sleep. This is better for the genitals, which gives them a chance to see through the wind and dry. However, the bedding should be replaced frequently and kept clean. It is best to wear cotton underwear that is absorbent and breathable. In the hot season, it is best not to wear tight tights. Try not to wear a mini skirt when sitting in a public place, and avoid wearing the underwear. 5, pay attention to contraception: If you have not planned to have a baby, then both husband and wife should pay attention to the contraceptive work in the female ovulation period, such as trial use of condoms, taking birth control pills. 6, pay attention to abnormal symptoms: If there are abnormal symptoms such as ovulation bleeding, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to check whether the diagnosis is caused by the disease, check whether there are diseases such as the cervix, ovaries, vagina, etc. If there is, it is necessary to treat as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy Delayed treatment can easily affect normal pregnancy. Ovulation bleeding occurs more than 14 days before the menstrual cramps, causing ovulatory bleeding, because estrogen levels after ovulation decline, can not maintain the normal growth of the endometrium and endometrial breakthrough bleeding, do not worry, this This phenomenon is also a physiological phenomenon. It is recommended to observe closely. If the amount of bleeding is too high or the bleeding time is more than one week, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.