Prolonged aging makes men always “like a wolf”

Lead: Men want their sexual function to be young forever, even if they are over 50 years old, they hope that they can be energized in bed. If you want to extend the sexual function of men and slow down the signs of aging, then men should do these maintenance measures on a daily basis. 5. Regularly participate in physical exercise, especially in jogging, cycling and walking, so that the lower limbs can be exercised. The “rise and fall” of sexual function has a close relationship with the waist and the feet. 6. Pay attention to proper nutrition, and eat more foods rich in zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamin E and other enhanced functions, such as oysters, fish, peanuts, soy products, walnuts, mushrooms, sesame seeds, alfalfa, red dates. , meat, animal kidneys, etc. 7. Pay attention to keeping the appearance younger, and you can dress up to make your appearance look younger. Younger appearances help to maintain a younger mental state and also help to delay sexual aging. 8. Pay attention to a scientific lifestyle, no smoking, no alcohol, no excessive fatigue. Sometimes you have a diet and a diet. 9. Be careful to take drugs that inhibit sexual function, so as not to induce male impotence and female libido.