a man’s long-lost sexual doubts

Men’s love for beauty is obvious to all, and when they meet beautiful women on the street, they will watch them hot. For their own heart, women will take the initiative to boldly pursue, face them are often slick, all kinds of sweet words say non-stop. Such a bold and active man actually has some problems and he is afraid to ask. Let Xiaobian solve your doubts for you today. Question 1: The longer the caress, the more happy the woman is? Women really like hugs, caresses and relatives, because their sexual arousal takes longer. But caressing is not as long as possible. If women are ready, men will not enter the “theme”, which will make women feel lost. At the same time, caressing skills are more important than time. Caressing from light to heavy, from “outside” and “inside”, takes only 10 minutes to get women into the state. Question 2: Wearing a set of sex, isn’t a woman feeling? Most men think that wearing a condom is like “itching itching”, which will affect the pleasure, especially if the condom is too thick and will be very uncomfortable. But for women, whether men wear condoms when making love, they don’t have any special feelings, and they don’t affect pleasure. However, women sometimes worry about whether the condom slips and is not torn. Especially during ovulation, a woman may be distracted by sex when she is afraid of pregnancy. Xiao Bian recommended: Why does Boba do not like monogamy? How to make her orgasm continue to be in love? Three: Does a woman prefer sex in the dark? Women’s demand for lighting is far less intense than men’s, but most People also do not object. In the process of foreplay, women like to drive the bright lights, preferably romantic orange or purple, because it can make you look more sexy, you can also see the lover’s excited appearance, you can have more eye contact. As sex progresses, women hope that the light can be darker, so don’t be glaring, so that you can relax and enjoy it. When you are orgasm, you can lose your shame and make full use of it. If a woman strongly opposes turning on the light, it may be that she is not confident in her body or very nervous about her sexual life. Men should not force it. Question 4: Can women accept abnormal sex requirements? Men always want to try new ways and pursue greater sexual stimulation and sexual pleasure. If the way he proposes is healthy, hygienic, safe, and makes women happier, most women can accept it slowly. But if the sexuality he wants is too “perverted” and even has a tendency to sexual abuse, it will cause harm to people’s physical and mental health, and it will vary from person to person. For example, LELO lipstick massagers are popular among women. Question 5: Muscles are not women I like it more? Strong “muscles and fierce men” are not liked by women. Most women are more interested in mature, stable, successful, gentle, kind, responsible people who can give her a sense of security. The man is really sexy. The brave men are mostly virtual idols in film and television dramas, not women’s true love. Question 6: Women are so masturbating, what is the feeling of masturbation? Men masturbation is not a secret, most women already know. If the male masturbation does not affect the normal sexual life and feelings of the two, then the woman is acceptable. After all, men only get happiness through normal means, and they are not infected with other women. But if a man is cold-blooded and has a self-entertainment in hiding in the bathroom, the woman will feel hurt. Women will of course also masturbate, especially women who have been married for a long time. They know their body better than men, and they also get pleasure through masturbation. But the survey shows that women masturbation is much less frequent than men, and most of the time, women use masturbation as part of the foreplay. (Source: Sina Liaoning – Sex Zone) Guess what you like: improper sexual intercourse induces sudden death, chest, detonation, pleasure, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn