Which opening remarks can be 100% successful

We all know that it is very important to open the first sentence whether it is a friend or a blind date or when you meet a favorite girl. Because this is directly related to how you give your first impression. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression on the other party, or even let the girl know what to do, you still need a very good start. Below, we will personally experience their own personal experience, teach you 5 kinds of talks, let you stand out from the crowd, succeed in the sister. Xiao Bian recommended: How to know the size of the lower body of the male netizen before going to bed How to tease the sexy stunner on the master bed 1. Simple features: Direct and simple, suitable for beginners. Not suitable for use in nightclubs; high chances of dropping pigeons. Example: “Hi, I want to know you.” “Hey, I think your dress is very good. What is your name?” “I passed by here, I feel that you are very temperament, what is your name?” 2. Bravely : Direct, strong and powerful start-up. Usually bring sexual elements directly into the conversation, suitable for use in nightclubs such as bars. Everyone said that this kind of start-up white usually has a low hit rate. According to my experience, about one-fifth of women will respond, although the hit rate is low, but the advantage is that if you want to find it, this is also a very time-saving practice. Of course, there are many restrictions on this approach and there are fewer opportunities for application. Although this method does not work for most people, it does not mean that it is not useful for a small group of people. I used it a few times in the nightclub (girls brought out by friends), the effect is very good, a little pure man style. They all think I am joking. I haven’t used it for strangers; I think there is a better way to find strangers at nightclubs. 3, location features: humor, the success rate is very high. Suitable for individual or group conversations. This is one of my favorite styles, low risk and high return. They can’t leave immediately, and they can’t drive you away. As long as you can catch the interest of one of the women in a minute or two (not necessarily the target’s interest, but also her friend), then you can integrate into their group. The only reason I don’t like this is because it costs money. Buying a cup of food is not very economical. If your goal is to take 30 calls today, it can be a hassle. 4, humorous features: social identity, immediately show value. This start-up requires opportunities and flexibility. The advantage is that if you have enough experience, opportunities and flexibility can be controlled. In the nightclub, this is my favorite style! 5, the characteristics of the conversation: relatively natural, can be used in daily life and nightclubs, high hit rate. It is a recognized and common practice of PUA. Example: I once had a conversation with a girl in Hong Kong at a cosmetics store in Causeway. I went to see cosmetics, cosmetics shop, and a customer who easily scored 9 points, I said: Hello, I need advice. A friend in New York asked me to buy a mask for her, but I don’t know much about these things, and just the salesperson just wants to sell my expensive products. Do you know that the brands are reasonable and the quality is good? Later, the woman introduced the brand she used. I did two basic routines to convert the topic. We talked about Hong Kong bars, localities and so on. This conversation starts in any venue, occasion, the atmosphere is adapted – my favorite! Guess you like: How to seduce boyfriend to make love how to improve the sister skills More content, please pay attention to the gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com .cn