7 romantic ideas to add extra points

What should the foreplay do to add points to sex? Both men and women need foreplay to pave the way for sex. Men learn the following foreplay techniques to give you a perfect sex experience. 1. Secluded outdoor location secret meeting in a beautiful and quiet place in the open air of a man who loves is a common sexual fantasy of women. The researchers asked women to watch different sex scenes and found that 55% of women thought that outdoor sex not only evokes the body, but is also more memorable. 2. Touching the lover’s arm The body touch is the most basic action of sex. The arm is not only particularly sensitive, but also the most comfortable when initially in contact with the body. According to a study by the University of South Brittany in France, when a man speaks and touches a woman’s arm, the chances of accepting a request from the other party increase by 50%. 3. During the foreplay, women are more likely to reach a climax in the foreplay stage than during sexual intercourse. Therefore, in the sex of women to give priority to women, through the caress stimulation, with sex toys to give her sexual enjoyment, she will also reciprocate. 4. Care for the breasts In a neurological sense, the female nipple is directly connected to the clitoris. Scientists at Rutgers University have scanned the brains of masturbating women and found that stroking the nipples and stimulating the clitoris can make the same brain area active. 5. Use human lubricants Only 25% of men use lubricants when they are sexually active. But two-thirds of women said that using a little lubricant would make sexual intercourse more comfortable and orgasm easier to achieve. It is recommended that your partner keep a lubricant to increase your sexual pleasure. In addition, you can also use Durex Women’s Pleasant Enhancer, which is specially designed for women. It uses a unique formula to quickly stimulate women’s sexual desire and let women enjoy more intense orgasm. 6. The bedroom must be clean and the bedroom should be kept in good privacy and suitable temperature. The sheets should be cleaned, and the bright, dark red or pink bedding can give a fragrant feeling. You can also put a mirror in the bedroom, which makes people feel passionate. 7. Wrap her in a bed and wrap her in a group to give the girl a sense of security. This trick is basically suitable for all women. Because of the courage, girls like men to hug their group. Before the house, few men can only hold them. In fact, they are guilty of taboos, and the static braking will have unexpected effects, not to mention the unexpected effects. Also added a sense of security to the girl, when the girl gets a sense of security, the mentality will naturally relax, your affair passion index is not more fascinating you?