How do couples separated in the two places communicate feelings?

If the couple work in the two places, if they don’t contact each other, if they have a long time, they will have a great influence on each other’s feelings! Couples who are separated between the two places must pay attention to the relevant issues, especially the sexes, or they may be derailed, so remind everyone not to separate the two places easily. How do couples who are separated between the two places communicate with each other? The world is welcoming an era of high separation of couples. In the United States, at least 3.5 million people are involuntarily separated from their spouses; in Germany, couples who are separated from each other account for 12% of married people. In terms of emotional contact, we must learn to communicate skillfully. Communication is the most critical factor in maintaining the normal functioning of a marriage. The more honest and honest the two parties are, the easier and more effective communication is. In fact, the separation of the two places will also make people’s communication skills become more sophisticated. Keep in touch every way in every way. With the advancement of technology, today’s “separation between the two places” is much easier than it was 30 years ago. The younger couple should contact each other as much as possible, and it is best to choose a video. Occasionally, you can write a long letter and send your thoughts. Knowing that someone is thinking about yourself at the moment will make a big difference. Don’t be unrealistic. When the two places are separated, they cannot always have unrealistic fantasies about the other half. It is normal to be jealous of other sweet couples who are tired together. In this case, don’t be angry, don’t lie in your heart, communicate with your partner, don’t always worry. You can’t always consider the negative impact of “separation between the two places.” It actually has a positive side. For example, you can have more time and space, be alone, or get along with friends. In terms of sexual life, you must meet sex regularly. Sexual life is a major problem faced by separated couples. If the husband and wife can get together once every two or two months, you can take the “zero deposit and take” approach, when the sexual energy is properly accumulated, there are one or two high-quality sex life. At this time, often the intensity of sexual pleasure between the two will be better than usual.